Cinematic portraits

Cinematic short portraits


Production: Dominic Grünberg

Synopsis: The mayoral candidates for Kaarst, Ursula Baum and Nina Lennhof, are being introduced in cinematic short portraits.

Background: On the lookout for possible scenes to test new equipment, I made it my task to make cinematic portraits of the mayoral candidates of the city of Kaarst. My conditions were: complete creative freedom and no election advertising or mention of political parties in the films. Two of the four contacted persons responded straight away with positive feedback. Especially challenging were the tight schedules of the protagonists and the extremely inconsistent weather conditions. In post production the footage was color corrected and color graded to the desired direction.

More information in the blog post.

Technical details: Filmed on BMPCC 6K in 4K UHD. Aspect ratio cinematic portrait of Ursula Baum: 19:9 (Aspect ratio of current mobile phones), Aspect ratio cinematic portrait of Nina Lennhof: 2,4:1 (“Cinemascope”).