That’s me

I am a director of photography. I also work in editing and color grading. In the following I will explain in more detail why composing images with a camera is my passion.

Our ancestors already had the need to capture things in pictures. They transferred their stories as cave paintings onto the walls of their homes at that time. Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by images. Technological development has made it possible to give images motion. With these moving images, creative minds inspire us again and again. They let us dive into fantastic worlds, show us things from different perspectives and evoke the most diverse emotions in us. I am a director of photography and my task is to visualize the stories that are in these heads and make them accessible to the audience.






I am a creative tool and have certain skills that are used to tell stories and make visions come true. Over the years I have acquired many such skills and some of them have been specially trained. For example, I worked in Canada where I learned a lot about team leadership. I constantly use the experience I gained there. How does team leadership help to make a good film? As the person primarily responsible for the visual design of a film, I take on the role of coordinator for my team, whose instructions ensure clear and achievable implementation. And since making a film is always an achievement of many people, I put together a team that I can rely on.


Soft Skills

My experience helps me to lead a team effectively. Only if clear instructions are given and tasks are assigned accordingly, a project can be realized purposefully.
I react quickly to changes in plans, because every set is different and the goals and wishes of the creative minds are diverse.
I enjoy working with people and am always open to new things. More personal relationships can often be motivating, which also serves the project.


During my time as a 2nd assistant camera I not only learned how to work with analogue film. Above all, I learned to appreciate what each individual contributes to a film. In my own work as an editor I often had to deal with mistakes that happened on the set. And on shooting days, when I was the 2nd assistant camera on the set, responsible for five film cameras at the same time, I wasn’t only challenged just once. In retrospect, experiences like these have helped me to keep my cool as a cinematographer even in stressful situations, to think consistently in terms of organization, and to remain creative.


Hard Skills

Due to my work as an editor, I know how the shots match each other in editing and how something can be changed while maintaining the same message. This saves the project and team time and money.
With an appropriate budget almost anything is possible visually. But even with limited means I like to plan alternative and awesome settings together with the responsible people in order to realize a project in an exciting way.
I always keep an eye on the organisation without losing sight of creativity. Often both can be combined very well.

I enjoy working with people, and when I’m shooting a film I even go on a journey with them. With the creative minds I start to plan the journey by putting the ideas into practice. The whole team then works on these ideas and creates something very individual. The result of the production is not only the adventure of filmmaking. At the end of the journey stands a unique piece of creation: the finished film.

Making films is my passion. That in the end a work will be created which is pleasing, is – not only for me – especially fulfilling.