Kohler Aleo Faucet



Production: Altruist Films

Synopsis: In this commercial the new luxurious and innovative tap Aleo is introduced by “Director of new product development” Mark Bickerstaffe.

The Company: Kohler is an internationally operating manufacturing company from the USA with over 40,000 employees worldwide. The products range from kitchen and bathroom equipment, furniture and ship engines to services in the golf and wellness sector. They consider themselves to be manufacturers of luxury goods.

Background: For this film, eight production members were flown in from the USA to support the production. Mark Bickerstaffe travelled from England for one day, as he was our protagonist in front of the camera. The main challenge was to make the completely chrome-plated tap look good from all sides without any disturbing objects being reflected in it. The excellent collaboration with operator Ulrich Mors resulted in beautiful shots despite difficult conditions. The pre-production model of a cine camera provided by Sony especially for us rounded off the shoot.