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That’s it in Hof

The Hof International Film Festival is over. An exciting festival and many interesting people. I’m a little nostalgic, but after a week of continuous action, some rest is welcome, too. But in a few days it will be over again when we are sitting in the plane to New Zealand (big grin on our faces). I will definitely miss the club talks, which were interactive discussions. But of course I will miss all the other stuff and the friendliness of the people here.

Team Camille, Dominic Grünberg on the Microphone
Photo: © Hendrik Ertel

Saturday was our third and last screening of Camille. The cinema was even bigger than the two before and also sold out. So even more people saw our film, and this time we also got a lot of encouragement. There was a detailed Q & A, and afterwards, even more people came up to us and asked questions or just made comments.

Films seen during the period: 10 long films, 3 medium-length films and 4 short films. My very clear recommendation is “The Lunchbox“, which I would like to buy later. Of course there were some films where I asked myself: why?! But the majority of them I liked very much. “Chasing Ice” is an interesting documentary about climate change with impressive pictures. “As time goes by in Shanghai” is just very bizarre, and the director had a lot of funny anecdotes to tell. And “Enough said” is a nice Hollywood movie.

Those who are in Hof should also visit the Season’s, which consists of a little store and a restaurant. We went there three times because we liked it so much and because the team is just great. They serve delicious food, beautifully prepared for the eye, served by a great service team. And because the boss liked us, there was even VIP treatment (seat without reservation), which the rest of the team quickly realized (“oh you’re the boys!”). Therefore it was even worth a detour.

That’s it, see you next time!

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