three sheeps

Bye bye New Zealand, hello Hong Kong!

The last days in New Zealand were, as actually the whole trip already has been, insanely exciting. We have experienced a lot and take many memories with us. Now the summer is blooming and we got some more colour on us. The desire to come back to Germany is rather low.

What I will definitely not miss is the pollen flight, which drives me crazy, especially today with my hay fever. What I will miss; too much to fit in here. From the mostly totally friendly people to the stunning landscapes and the different towns and villages, there is little we could not enjoy.

Our stay in New Zealand is now almost at an end, but the journey is not yet over. Tomorrow we will take the plane to Hong Kong. A lot of Chinese food in the last days (family related) and the high percentage of Chinese in New Zealand have prepared us accordingly for the upcoming days. Nothing can go wrong!

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