Bikini Safety

Air New Zealand Safety Video – Bikini Edition

The New Zealand airline Air New Zealand knows how to get attention with the normally boring safety videos. The best known will probably be the Middle Earth video, in which all kinds of characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy explain the rules of conduct on the plane to the viewer. The one in which Bear Grylls, the survival artist, demonstrates the safety instructions is also anything but normal.

However, one of the more recent videos called Safety in Paradise upset some people so much, that a petition was launched which was signed by nearly 11,000 people. It argues with the sexualization of the female body. Air New Zealand opposes the scene being set on a beach, arguing that it is “absolutely appropriate for women to wear bikinis,” writes the New Zealand Herald. It would be interesting to know how many people deliberately did not sign the petition or would sign a counter-petition.

Anyway, the videos are so entertaining that I watched them here. In front of the computer. On the ground. Far away from the next New Zealand flight.

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