Game of Thrones Making of

Game of Thrones – Logistical masterpiece

Often big productions release short making ofs before the release of a project, which are mostly commented by the main actors, mostly about how exciting it was to work there, or how fantastic the crew was. This is edited with a short shot of someone shouting “Action” or “Cut” and how the main actors talk to the director. These videos are not really giving a look behind the scenes of the productions, so that they rather have the appearance of a promotional clip than a real making of.

HBO has just released a Making of for their series Game of Thrones worth watching, which focuses on the incredibly extensive logistics of production and lets the responsible heads explain the course of a production day. This day takes place in three countries at the same time, as two units are shooting in parallel, while in the third country the preparations for the upcoming shoot are in progress.

Here are some more numbers: this season was shot in 5 countries on 151 sets for 240 days with 166 actors and over 1,000 crew members. And 5,000 extras.

(Image (c) HBO, from the making of “Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life”)

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