Amsterdam at night


Amsterdam at nightOver the weekend of my birthday earlier this year we went to Amsterdam (my birthday present). At the evening of our arrival we checked into a hotel where every room is different. One of the many design hotels in town. We got a room under the roof on the 5th floor. When we opened the door we were standing in the open shower. The next room was the bedroom, which was dimly lit by a strange looking metal ball hanging lamp. The impression of this hotel room can be accurately described as “interesting”. In any case it was cosy and offered a great view out of the window. Read More

three sheeps

Bye bye New Zealand, hello Hong Kong!

The last days in New Zealand were, as actually the whole trip already has been, insanely exciting. We have experienced a lot and take many memories with us. Now the summer is blooming and we got some more colour on us. The desire to come back to Germany is rather low.

What I will definitely not miss is the pollen flight, which drives me crazy, especially today with my hay fever. What I will miss; too much to fit in here. From the mostly totally friendly people to the stunning landscapes and the different towns and villages, there is little we could not enjoy.

Our stay in New Zealand is now almost at an end, but the journey is not yet over. Tomorrow we will take the plane to Hong Kong. A lot of Chinese food in the last days (family related) and the high percentage of Chinese in New Zealand have prepared us accordingly for the upcoming days. Nothing can go wrong!

Wellington at night

Greeting from the island

We have been on the road for over a week now and have already experienced a lot. What exactly, I will tell you after the holiday. But here a few keywords:

Sick, long flight, egg tards, long flight, polished shoes, finally sleep, doctor, sleep, cooking class, fish & chips, hot springs, haka, feathers, parking garage of death, fireworks, Titirangi, booby birds, 4WD-2WD, Mangapohue, Ohakune, rugby, Cuba Street.

To be continued…

Gepackter Koffer

Packed suitcases

We just finished packing. We take along one suitcase with 19 kilos and one with 24 kilos plus hand luggage. Tomorrow we’ll be heading for the other side of the globe. Two times eleven hours flight, in between a 14 hour stay in Hong Kong. In New Zealand we will finally be picked up by my relatives, where our battered bodies will have to struggle with the jet lag for some time. Talking about shaken bodies: right on time for the beginning of the holiday I get sick of course. I’ve been drinking tea all day and somehow I’m trying not to get even sicker.

Gradually I am getting more and more excited and the anticipation is growing. Finally flying far away again. I am looking forward to Dim Sum food in Hong Kong and spectacular landscapes in New Zealand, to family, friends and new encounters, and above all to an exciting time with many impressions and adventures.

Since we want to enjoy our holidays without the pressure of communication, we will leave our mobile phones off most of the time and use as little internet as necessary. Almost oldschool. But maybe we will leave a greeting here in between…

New Zealand Map

Travel preparations

Soon we will be heading to New Zealand and Hong Kong. In New Zealand we want to rent a car, drive around on the North Island and see a lot. Since we don’t know yet what we want to see at all, we simply nailed a map to the wall and marked interesting places on it. The planning has now rested for some time, but will soon be resumed with full speed.