Cinematic portraits from Kaarst with new equipment

After a long, long time there is a blog post on this page again, after I was able to take care of only webwise. is now in good hands in the shop and on YouTube, and since we are currently not making any new films with, I have a little bit more time for this page again.

Just at the beginning of the year I bought new equipment – which subsequently was, of course, unused most of the time. So what else can you do? Buy more equipment! Recently I invested in a new camera, among other things. As a test project I wanted to make a film that had a certain relevance to it and would give me the proper motivation.

Since at that time the mayoral elections were only about two months away and one might be more likely to get heard to in a relatively small municipality, I made it my task to write to the (by then) four candidates for the mayor’s office and make the same offer of a short cinematic portrait to all of them. My conditions for this were: complete creative freedom and no election advertising or mention of political parties allowed in the films, as I wanted to show an exclusively private picture of the individuals, who applied for this position. With these films I would like to give an insight into their personalities, because after all, the election for mayor is an election of an individual. Ursula Baum and Nina Lennhof responded quickly and I could literally feel their enthusiasm for my offer, which was of course a great precondition for the films. The other two candidates responded with rejections and a fifth candidate entered the race much later.

The tight schedules of the two combined with extremely inconsistent weather made planning the shoots difficult, but thanks to their flexibility we were able to find suitable times for filming. After we waited for rain-free days at the beginning and also chased after sunsets that quickly disappeared behind clouds, our patience was rewarded with beautiful images. Afterwards I color corrected and color graded the footage in the desired direction. Unfortunately, after the compression by YouTube, some of the sharpness and quality of the 4K image falls behind, but this should not be too noticeable.

Thank you very much to Ursula Baum and Nina Lennhof, it has been a real pleasure to work with you! And here are the two films: - game documentaries and more

What is actually doing?

Well, I’ve written about my newest project ““, which takes up my whole time, and about that we’ve been working on our documentary, but what are we actually doing with

The best way to explan is, because I am a cameraman, to let the images speak for themselves and refer to the trailer below. For those who prefer to read, there is a short overview about our work here. And while we’re at it hosting a firework of links, here’s one to our website. 😉

Our newest project:

In the last blog entry I wrote about the migration of this website. Nothing has happened here since then. This is simply because I just didn’t have time to write anything anymore. We did some smaller trips and for example went to the beautiful East Frisia in northern Germany, which I could have written a post about. I could have written an anecdote about how I got stuck at the airport for a shoot in Krakow, Poland, but my latest project is taking up all my time right now.

For over three years I have been working with Patrick on a documentary about PC games. Games and film – was born. Our goal has always been that the film not only appeals to insiders, but also that non-nerds will find the film entertaining. Of course it is partly nerdy, but above all it is about the people who are behind it. And we really met some very interesting people!

The name of the film, matching the name of the whole project: We tell the exciting story of PC space games, the rise, fall and renaissance of the now again popular genre. The trailer gives a small impression of the film:


new site

A new website?

Technically it’s the old website (buzzword: ‘relaunch’). The content is still the same, only the ‘foundation’ has changed – from Joomla to WordPress. “BUT WHY?!” might a web developer ask. The answer is simple: because it’s easier. No doubt, Joomla is a lot more powerful and has more possibilities than wordPress, even without having to install plugins for every little thing. But the administration of a WordPress site (at least this one) is easier. Besides, I just don’t need the complexity of Joomla for my little site.

I replicated the old website with WordPress with little variances. The blog posts are also integrated into the new site, only the comments couldn’t be transfered.

U 995 at night

Shore leave on the U 995

Some time ago I recommended a very exciting documentary about a submarine journey. As it so happened, last weekend we were near Kiel and visited the museum U-Boat U 995. That is about 25 minutes away in Laboe. With the documentary in mind it was much more impressive to walk through this submarine than if we had not seen the documentary. The narrowness, the multitude of controls, but also the idea of being under water for days on end was very fascinating.

Right next to the museum boat is the Naval Memorial to the sailors of all nations who remained on the seas. This is also a museum, but it does not only consist of the 72m high tower. Among other things, there is also an exhibition with many large ship models and a lot of information about shipping in the past and today and is definitely worth a visit.