Camile Filmposter

Camille at the Hof International Film Festival

Camille Film PosterCamille, Camille, filmed this spring, will be shown at the 47th International Hof International Film Festival. The film, for which I am responsible as lighting director of photography, will celebrate its premiere there. Some of the team will be on location in Hof the whole time. I am especially curious about the reactions of the audience.

And that’s what this it’s about: “In her loneliness, the young masseuse Camille experiences an everyday life determined by constraints and rules. Not being able to accept herself, she withdraws more and more into a self-imposed isolation. Camille’s controlled life changes upon secret observation of her neighbour, who awakens sexual fantasies in her, and gives her the courage to change.”

The presentation times are already available: The premiere will be on 23.10. (Wednesday) at 7:30 pm in the cinema “Club”. On 24.10. (Thursday) at 22:30 in the cinema “Classic” and on 26.10. (Saturday) at 21:00 in the cinema “City” there will be two more screenings.

This film is a good example of how efficient filmmaking with friends and colleagues can be. Among others, two former colleagues from action concept times, whom I have known for many years, have worked on it. Alexander Pauckner, cameraman and Steadicam operator (also on this film), created fantastic lighting as gaffer. And Mario Loibl, as one of the best camera assistants I know, made everything perfectly sharp even in the most difficult shots. Because we’ve known each other for so long, we were able to respond very well to each other. The independence with which the two of them carried out their tasks allowed me to take a deep breath again and again.


Meals from the herb garden

Roasted leg of venison, in September herb sauce, baked herb tomato, green nettle Knöpfle.
Roasted leg of venison, in September herb sauce, baked herb tomato, green nettle Knöpfle.

Last weekend I was visiting home again. My grandparents suggested to go to a restaurant where the meals are made with many natural ingredients from the region.

Nearly every dish is at least refined with wild herbs there. So it should not be surprising if there is a little daisy on the leg of venison, which of course can be eaten as well. Just like everything you get served (except the dishes…). Most of us chose the menu which consisted of many small courses, well portioned and extremely diverse. During the main course we were even asked if we wanted a second serving, but none of us made use of that. You surely get stuffed here. And there is also no rush, as the restaurant is completely dedicated to slow food.

Wild herbs menu of the restaurant "Deutsche Eiche".
Wild herbs menu of the restaurant “Deutsche Eiche”.

Slow Food, basically the opposite of fast food, stands for regionality and authentic preparation, among other things. On the website of the “Deutsche Eiche” (German Oak), for example, it says: “In the oak, the subject of “food” is as untainted as the food itself. We do not use genetically modified and colourful packets, flavour enhancers and convenience products. We produce our own minced meat as required. Basic sauces and stocks for soups are cooked here – how else are we going to use a whole Galloway?” We all enjoyed it very much. And even the things we didn’t like, we have fond memories of. All in all, it was definitely an experience.

Update: Unfortunately the restaurant no longer exists in this form.

New Zealand Map

Travel preparations

Soon we will be heading to New Zealand and Hong Kong. In New Zealand we want to rent a car, drive around on the North Island and see a lot. Since we don’t know yet what we want to see at all, we simply nailed a map to the wall and marked interesting places on it. The planning has now rested for some time, but will soon be resumed with full speed.

Long Walk

I’m walking

Google MyTracks
Google MyTracks

I have always been wondering what distance I cover on foot on a day of filming. Thanks to the latest high-tech measuring technology (unfortunately, it does not yet work completely flawlessly as you can see from the waterways…) I know now. The day before would have been more interesting, where even less crew was present and even more was done. But it was also nice that I spared myself a round of running.

By the way, the recording was made in the open-air swimming pool in cosy Langenfeld in the Rhineland.

Tiny MCE

The first entry

Now it’s happening. This is the first entry in my blog. Ok, the first official one after what felt like 200 previous test entries to test the blog. This one will stay and marks the beginning of (hopefully) many more entries. I’m not really sure yet what I’m going to write, but at least I know that I don’t want to write about every detail of my life or create a video tutorial on how to unblock a clogged drain (just stumbled upon it by accident). I want to report about things that are fun or interesting. At least that’s the ambitious plan. And I’m not a typical blogger, so I have no obligation to write about anything by hook or crook. Also I will write whenever I feel like it and that will probably happen in all irregularity. That’s how it’s been buzzing around in my head. What comes out in the end? I am curious myself and just let it happen.