Soccer, take two!

During our road trip I get a call for a film shoot in a stadium. I haven’t done that yet, and since I’ve just been to the DFB headquarters, I might as well go to a soccer game. That’s how it happened that I was on the road for the stadium TV during the top match last Saturday, Leverkusen vs. Schalke. Several cameramen distributed around the stadium, mainly to capture images for the screens in the stadium and for the website. Before the game started, I was able to get an impression of the coaches benches, and what probably impressed me most was that all seats have their own seat heating!

Less than perfect headphones and unbelievably loud noise prevented perfect communication, but thanks to an insanely competent cable operator, who guided me to the right position one or two times, I was able to deliver the pictures that the director wanted. Only the continuous drizzle, which always came from the front, was a little annoying, but apart from that it was something different again. Especially when I was standing on the lawn and had to shoot a presentation while my live image was shown on the screen in front of me. Since my eyepiece was constantly fogged up, I could set up my image so much easier. Unfortunately, the screen is not that portable…

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